Internet Searching

Few Tips for Effective Internet Searching

The world today is run on the Internet. Pick up your smart phone and all information is at your fingertips if you care to search online for it. However, it is necessary to know how to search online effectively so that you get the exact results that you desire. There is no point in getting overwhelmed with too many results or underwhelmed with too few. At some times you might not get any result on what you are looking for. All these possibilities will be eliminated if you follow these tips for effective Internet searching.

Be specific in keywords

Search engines do not read sentences the way human beings do. Instead, they look for the keywords you have typed in and search various websites to bring the results to you. In a nutshell, by searching for specific products or services you are asking the engines to look for sites where they appear. Hence, it is necessary that you type in the exact keywords to get the best search results. For example, if you are looking for chocolate cookies recipe, you have to type it in. If you want the eggless variety, type in chocolate cookies recipe eggless. The more specific you are the more useful will the results be to you.

Use phrases for exact results

Use keywords and a combination of words in a phrase form. If you are looking for chocolate cookies recipe and type in the same, you will get results that denote only chocolate or only cookies too. To get what you need use quotation marks. Type “chocolate cookies recipe” and you will get sites with keywords exactly in that order. In some search engines, you can even use first brackets like [chocolate cookies recipes]

Narrowing down your search

For narrowing down your search still further, use a minus sign to leave out unwanted results. For instance, if you are looking for chocolate recipes but not that of cookies, you can type in “chocolate recipes-cookies”. You will not get any chocolate cookies recipes. The minus sign has to be directly in front of the word that you do not want in search results without any gap in between. There are also search engines that let you limit your searches to just one country or a specific time such as last day, week, month or year.

The trick to get the best out of your Internet searches is to use keywords that reflect as close as possible what you are looking for.